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Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Mbank UAE

How can I open a Corporate Account?

There are two ways to open a Corporate Account at Al Maryah Community Bank.  

  1. Abu Dhabi Trade Licence holders can visit the TAMM – Investor Journey platform and open a Business Account with Mbank.
  2. All other Trade License holders can open an account in a few steps Click Here

Who can open a Corporate Account?

Companies registered in the UAE with a valid Trade Licence issued by any Government Authority including freezones can open a Corporate Account with Al Maryah Community Bank.

What documents do I need to open a Corporate Account?

A valid Trade Licence and all the constitutional documents pertaining to the company are required to open a Corporate Account. For more info, please call our Customer Engagement Centre at 600 1111 57.

Is there a minimum balance to open a Corporate Bank Account?

There is no minimum balance required to open a Corporate Bank Account.

Can a new Trade Licence Holder open a Corporate Account?

Yes! New and established businesses can open Corporate Accounts at Mbank.

Which currency can companies open their accounts in?

Currently, the only currency we are offering is AED.

How many branches does Al Maryah Community Bank have?

Al Maryah Community Bank is a digital bank with its Head Office located in Abu Dhabi. All account transactions are done through our Corporate Internet Banking portal.

How do I view and operate the Corporate Account?

Upon opening a Corporate Account, you will be given free access to the Corporate Internet Banking portal.

Do you have a Digital App to access the account?

At the moment, there is no app yet. However, it will be launched very soon. Stay tuned!

What are the available facilities for Corporate customers?

The products currently offered to Corporate customers are Overdrafts, Business Loans, WPS, and Fund Transfer facilities. More products will be released soon.

How can we apply for facilities?

Login to the Corporate Internet Banking portal and request for facilities, or call our Customer Engagement Centre at 600 1111 57 and speak to a Financial Advisor for assistance.

Can I maintain Term Deposits with Al Maryah Community Bank?

Yes! You can place deposits with us at very competitive rates.

Do you have Trade Finance facilities?

We will soon be launching the Trade Finance facilities i.e., Letter of Credits, Letter of Guarantees, Documents for Collection, etc.

How do I withdraw cash from the bank or deposit cheques into the account?

We currently have Multi-Function Kiosks (MFKs) located at our Head Office on 454 Shakhbout Street in Abu Dhabi, at the Mall of Emirates in Dubai, and at ADNOC’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi. More ATMs will be placed across UAE very soon.

Cash can also be deposited into customer accounts at any Al Ansari Exchange branch in the UAE.

What transaction facilities are available through Corporate Internet Banking (CIB)?

  • Transfer to own accounts within the bank.
  • Fund Transfer to accounts other than own account in Al Maryah Community Bank.
  • Fund Transfer to accounts outside Al Maryah Community Bank but within UAE.
  • Request for Manager’s Cheque.
  • Create Standing Order Instructions and DDS.
  • Payment to registered beneficiaries.
  • Create Term Deposits.

If I wish to avail Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) with transaction rights but at the same time want transactions to be authorized by more than one person. Is that possible in CIB?

Yes. The key security feature of CIB is the concept of maker and checker. Transactions are created by one of the users called the maker and authorised by one or more checkers.

Is it possible to upload transactions in bulk for salary, vendor payments, etc?

Yes. Corporates can use the bulk upload facility for a variety of transactions such as intra & interbank transactions, salary payments, vendor payments, bill payments, etc.

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