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    Get answers to common questions about Mbank UAE

    How can you open an account?

    Download our app (Mbank UAE) from the App Store or Google Play. All you need is a valid Emirates ID, smartphone, our mobile app and less than 5 minutes of your time.

    What documents I need for the bank account?

    Now all you need is a UAE Pass Access to open an account with Mbank UAE or your valid Emirates ID.

    How many branches Mbank UAE has?

    We are the first digital and community bank in the UAE. All transactions are processed digitally and are paperless. Our innovation hub is at 454, Shakhbout bin sultan street, Abu Dhabi, UAE and our Dubai smart hub will open soon in Mall of the Emirates.

    What is the customer support number?

    Are there any charges?

    We do not have a minimum balance requirement or average balances to be maintained. No initial deposit is required to open an account. Terms and conditions apply.

    Do I get a Debit Card once my account is open?

    Yes. Your virtual card is now available for all your online transactions. 1 minute to issue and a click to activate. You can also obtain a physical debit card for use at POS terminals and ATM withdrawals. You can set a daily and monthly limit, temporary lock and have full visibility on your transactions through the Mbank UAE app.

    A free bank account with no hidden fees
    It's just the beginning

    The bank account that gives you more control over your money
    with a direct customer service if you ever need support.
    free bank account with no hidden fees

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