Best solution to consolidate your debts and enjoy up to 3 months holiday from instalments! Relax with a peace of mind
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What is Raha?

Take control of your debts with ‘Raha Debt Takeover’, and consolidate into one loan, with a convenient payment plan, and enjoy a payment holiday of up to 3 months to refocus on savings and family wellbeing.

Get Personal Loans for an amount up to 20 times your salary

Get Raha and avail these unmatched benefits:

  • Consolidate your debt and control your financials
  • Up to 3 months instalment payment holiday
  • A ‘Ziyada’ overdraft facility of up to 2 x your salary
  • A current account with No minimum Balance
  • Free Debit Card powered by Mastercard benefits
  • Up to 3 Free* Cheque books of 10 leave each
  • Up to 3 free cash withdrawals from Switch network in UAE
  • A chance to win a zero-interest loan of up to AED 150,000**

How to transfer your salary?

  1. Login to our Mbank UAE app and select “More”.
  2. Go to “Services” and request IBAN Certificate, which will be sent to your registered email in seconds.
  3. Forward the IBAN certificate to your HR department and request your salary to be transferred to Al Maryah Community Bank (Mbank).

What is the minimum salary required to be able to transfer your salary?

For Gold current account, minimum salary requirement is AED 3,000, and no minimum salary required for savings account. Please refer to https://www.mbank.ae/ for type of accounts

Who is Eligible for RAHA?

  • Salary transfer to Mbank account
  • Employer should be on Mbank’s Approved list
  • Age: Minimum 21 years. Maximum 60 years expatriates / 70 years UAE Nationals at the time of loan maturity
  • Salary: Minimum AED 10,000 p.m. for UAE Nationals. Minimum AED 15,000 p.m. for Expatriates
  • Years of Service: Minimum 1-year Expatriates / 6 months or confirmed for UAE Nationals whichever comes first
  • No adverse findings in the UAE Credit Bureau

What are the Required Documents for RAHA Debt Takeover?

  • Salary Certificate to be obtained in original, not more than 30 days old.
  • 6 Months Bank statement from retiring Bank in case of buyout loan or new relation
  • Liability letter from retiring Bank
  • Valid Identification documents

What is the Maximum Loan Amount?

The loan eligibility is up to a maximum of 20 times your monthly salary, subject to Mbank terms and conditions. Value capped AED 2Mn for UAE Nationals and AED 1Mn for expatriates.

What are the Minimum and Maximum Tenor?

  • Minimum: 12 months
  • Maximum: 48 months

What are the Fees & Charges?

Please refer to Mbank fees & charges (click here)

When will the first installment be due?

For Fresh personal loan up to maximum 60 days and for Debt takeover loan up to 90 days

How many installments can I defer in a year?

Maximum 3 in loan year, at least 3 installments should be repaid before 1st deferral and the same between the first and second(following) deferral, subject to Mbank terms and conditions.

What will be the early settlement charges?

Please refer to Mbank fees & charges (click here)

Welcome to Raha, get exclusive benefits today!

Raha, transfer your salary now and get exclusive benefits.
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