How to raise a dispute on a card transaction?

Dispute filing process and requirements:


What is a transaction dispute form and when should I use it?

A card transaction dispute form is a document used by cardholders to officially report and dispute unauthorized or incorrect transactions on their credit or debit cards. It initiates a formal process for investigating and resolving the disputed transaction with the issuing financial institution.


You may fill a dispute form for any of the below incidents:

  • Fraudulent transaction
  • Transaction failed but amount debited.
  • Incorrect Amount 
  • Transaction was already settled by other means (Cash/Cheque/Transfer/Other) 
  • Cash not dispensed from the ATM.
  • Duplicate billing on the card for the same transaction at the merchant outlet
  • Goods/Service not delivered or done after the expected timeline. 
  • Goods have been returned.
  • Charge applied after cancellation of the subscription. 
  • Non-receipt of refund after the turnaround time committed by the merchant.
  • Reservation cancellation 

An unauthorized transaction has been attempted on my card, what should I do?

If you experienced an unauthorized transaction on your card, kindly notify us promptly at our 24*7 helpline (600 57 1111). We will promptly block your card and issue a new one. Alternatively, you have the option to instantly block your card using the Mbank Mobile App. Meanwhile, you can initiate a dispute for the unauthorized transaction, and the dispute form is accessible on the Mbank Website.

What channels can I use to report an unauthorized transaction that I have a dispute on?

You may immediately block your card through the mobile App and fill the dispute form and send it to [email protected]. Alternatively, you may call our 24*7 helpline at 600 57 1111 to block your card and report the incident.

A transaction has been made on my card. Can the transaction be cancelled or payment to the merchant be stopped?

Once a transaction has received authorization at the merchant, it is beyond our capability to cancel or halt it. If the merchant is familiar to you, you may approach them directly to request a cancellation. However, if you suspect the transaction is unauthorized, you have the option to submit a dispute form to address the issue.

Can transactions authenticated by PIN or OTP be disputed in case of unauthorized/fraudulent usage?

Transactions where the PIN/OTP has been entered under fraudulent circumstances cannot be disputed. Therefore, we kindly ask that you refrain from sharing the OTP/PIN with anyone, including friends, relatives, or even with the Bank/Government authorities.

What type of transactions can I dispute for?

Various types of transactions for which disputes may be raised can include either domestic or international transactions. 

Purchase related: These are the transactions done at a merchant outlet and can be classified as follows: 

  1. Card Present: Any transaction done manually by swiping or dipping the card are swipe transactions. These could be secure (done with Card PIN) or non-secure in nature. It also includes Tap & Pay transactions.
  2. Card Not Present (Phone, Internet Transaction): Any transaction done on the phone, internet, E-wallets (Apple, Samsung, Google Pay) or without swiping/dipping the physical card. These transactions maybe secure or non-secure in nature. 

Secure Transactions: Any transaction that you do on internet/POS machine with the help of PIN/OTP validation (along with card expiry date/CVV) is termed as a secure transaction. 

Non-Secure Transactions: These are transactions where you use the card with the CVV and/or card expiry date, while performing online (internet) and other offline transactions. 

Cash Withdrawal: These transactions pertain to cash withdrawal from either Mbank or other bank ATMs that have been debited on your account. Issues such as dispense failure, amount shortfall/ mismatch, technical error, transaction time out, etc. fall under this category. 

Subscriptions and auto pay: These transactions are recurring payments made via standing instructions to the biller or through Mbank typically for utility bill payment/mobile recharge the biller or through Mbank typically for utility bill payment/mobile recharge.

What are the timelines for reporting a dispute?

Dispute form should be submitted within 60 days from the unauthorized transaction date and Dispute resolution may take between 45-180 days depending on the nature of the dispute.

How do I know if the dispute is closed in my favor or not?

Upon receiving feedback on the result of the dispute, the customer engagement centre team will inform you of the result.

What can I do if the dispute was not in my favor and refund was not given?

If the customer has shared their card and related security information with an unauthorized party, and there has been no lapse in the bank’s security measures, a dispute may not be resolved in Favor of the customer. However, in such instances, the customer has the option to pursue legal alternatives, such as filing a police case against the fraudulent party, to reclaim the funds.

What happens if I report a dispute after 60 days of the transaction taking place.

The bank will try to process the dispute and recover the funds on a best effort basis.

Who will have the liability on the unauthorized transaction?

Refer below table. 

Transaction Description Transaction Type LiabilityReason
Point of SaleChip and PINCustomerPIN should not be known by anyone other than the cardholder
Point of SaleMagnetic StripePOS ProviderIf point of sale terminal is within a region that Chip is mandated by Visa/Mastercard but point of sale terminal is not supporting Chip technology, then the bank that provides point of sale terminal is liable. 
Point of SaleMagnetic StripeMbankIf point of sale terminal is not within a region that Chip is mandated by Visa/Mastercard, then Mbank will be liable for the unauthorized transaction
Point of SaleLost or Stolen cardCustomerFor transactions before the card loss was reported
Point of SaleLost or Stolen cardMbankFor all transactions that happen after the customer reported to the bank that the card is lost or stolen
Online TransactionVia OTPCustomerOTP should not be known by anyone other than the cardholder
Online TransactionOTP not supportedOnline Payment ProviderIn case of fraud, bank or institution that provides online payment acceptance (the acquirer) will be liable
ContactlessWallet CustomerAs the registration of the card on E-wallets involves a secure process that includes sending OTP and confirmation for linking the card to the wallet, the customer is liable. It is expected that only the customer has access to the OTP or the device to which the wallet is linked

*The above table is indicative and actual decision will be done post assessment of the dispute case

Guidelines for Secure Usage of Your Mbank Credit/Debit Cards:

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